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Traditional Braces

Traditional braces can correct the most complicated orthodontic problems. Crooked teeth can make it difficult to prevent dental decay and gum disease. Poor bite alignment can make you more susceptible to dental trauma and injury. Traditional braces can align your teeth, prevent TMJ (jaw-joint disorders), and significantly improve the appearance of a less-than-confident smile.

How Do Traditional Braces Work?

Traditional braces have metal brackets that are securely fastened to the fronts and outer sides of your teeth, with a wire along the length. The wire exerts slow but deliberate forces on your misaligned teeth, incrementally moving them into proper alignment and preventing them from drifting back to their original position.

Types of Traditional Braces

Traditional braces can have metal brackets and wires; however, modern brackets are smaller and less noticeable than in the past. New heat-activated wires can use your body heat to accelerate tooth movement and reduce discomfort. You could also choose ceramic braces. Ceramic braces are the same size and shape as metal braces, except they use tooth-colored or “invisible” brackets that blend with your natural tooth color.

Do You Need Orthodontic Treatment with Traditional Braces?

Unlike Invisalign treatment, which is particularly useful for cosmetic purposes, traditional braces are specifically designed for correcting complex orthodontic issues. Traditional braces also typically work faster at closing gaps and realigning teeth than Invisalign.

Bakersfield Traditional Braces Consultations

Are traditional braces better than Invisalign braces? Not necessarily. Ultimately, Dr. Woolf will examine your teeth and consider your smile goals before determining which orthodontic treatment is best. Get started on the road to a straighter and healthier smile by requesting a consultation.