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Bakersfield Pediatric Dentist

Young boy and girl standing on a brick bridgewalkIf you’re looking for a pediatric dentist in Bakersfield, at Woolf Dental we welcome children and love treating them. We see entire families who enjoy the convenience of receiving dental care in one location. Dr. Regina Rivera is a mother herself and has a wonderful rapport with her child patients.

What Is a Pediatric Dentist?

Pediatric dentists have two or three years of specialized training in providing dentistry for children. At Woolf Dental, while they aren’t specialists, our general dentists received training in dental school to treat all of your children’s basic dental needs. Many of our adult patients have been our patients since childhood, and now their children are part of the Woolf Dental family. But if your child has unique dental needs that require a specialist, we will promptly refer you to one.

Your Child’s Dental Appointment

Use simple, positive words to talk to your child about dental visits. You can teach your child healthy dental habits by bringing them to your appointment to see what happens at the dentist. Your positive experiences can motivate them to take care of their teeth and look forward to dental visits.

Parents’ eager efforts to prepare their children for a dental visit tend to backfire. Children can sense your anxiety and will come to their appointment more anxious if you try too hard to prepare them. Experience has shown that the best way to prepare them is to treat the visit as something routine.

When your child is two or three years old, you can explain that it is time for their checkup at the dentist. The dentist will take a close look at their teeth and make sure they are clean, healthy, and beautiful. Don’t wait until they have an obvious dental problem, as that will cause them to have negative associations with dental care. We create positive experiences for children to help them develop lifelong habits that promote good oral health.

We welcome children to our family-friendly office. Schedule your child’s first visit when his or her primary molars erupt, around age two or three.

What to expect:

  • We will not force your child to receive dental care.
  • We talk to children throughout their visit to help them understand each treatment step. We explain:
    • What will happen next and why
    • Which dental tools we will use and why
    • How a tool or procedure will feel

Visit Us at Woolf Dental

We welcome you to visit our office, experience our family-friendly atmosphere, and meet our team. Call us to schedule an appointment for your child or submit our Request an Appointment form.

“I was a patient at Woolf Dental as a child. Now, even after 24 years, it’s still a personable experience every time. Words can’t describe how happy I am that now my children get to come here as well. Most kids fear the dentist, but my son reminds me to make his appointments. I can’t imagine going anywhere else.” – Elyse P.