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Bakersfield Lumineers

No-prep veneer (not Lumineers) patient at Woolf Dental in Bakersfield
No-prep veneers from Woolf Dental look natural

Lumineers is a brand of porcelain veneers made by Den-Mat. Lumineers are known for requiring no preparation of your teeth before a dentist bonds them. Although some of our patients receive no-prep veneers, Dr. Woolf prefers other brands of ultra-thin veneers. And he always gets beautiful results.

Lumineers vs. Other Brands

How do Lumineers compare with other brands of porcelain veneers?



The porcelain is strong and thinner than many brands.


Although Lumineers are no-prep veneers, sometimes conservatively preparing your teeth produces better results in how the veneers fit and feel.


The Den-Mat company requires Lumineers to be made in their own laboratory. However, we have our own ceramist who produces beautiful, customized results and feel that he gives us a much more aesthetic result. The Lumineers laboratory is fairly large and less personal than our own ceramist.

Other Brands


Several brands of ultra-thin veneers are equally as thin and strong as Lumineers.


Although preparation is not required with ultra-thin veneers, the decision about preparing the teeth or not preparing them is influenced by the nature of your case. We will explain the results you can expect with or without preparation. When we do prepare the teeth, the preparation is very conservative, removing a fraction of a millimeter of tooth enamel.


Skilled ceramists can layer porcelain to mimic the color, translucence, and gloss of natural teeth.

A Beautiful Alternative to Lumineers

We work with a master ceramist—not a large, impersonal lab—to customize your veneers. And we don’t rush you through the process to match the two-visit turnaround time of Lumineers.

Our process:

  • Listen as you explain the look you want with your smile makeover
  • Look at any smile pictures you bring as examples and show you our patient smile gallery
  • Take pictures of your face and smile
  • Conservatively prepare your teeth if necessary
  • Place provisional veneers on your teeth for you to wear, examine, and decide if you like the look and feel before a ceramist crafts your porcelain veneers
  • Attach your porcelain veneers with a try-in paste and bond them only when you are sure you love them

We offer a beautiful smile guarantee, which means that you have to love your new smile before we bond it on. If you have any hesitation about how your veneers look, we will adjust them or send them back to the ceramist, if necessary, for re-making.

If you are interested in natural-looking porcelain veneers, call our office to request a complimentary consultation or submit our Request an Appointment form.