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Bakersfield Emergency Dentist

Brunette man holding the right side of his face, perhaps for a dental emergencyIf you have dental pain or discomfort, Woolf Dental in Bakersfield welcomes emergencies. Call our office and we will see you immediately. We will examine the tooth, relieve your pain, and explain treatment options to help you avoid another emergency. Our team of general dentists and specialists should be able to take care of any dental emergency you have.

What Is a Dental Emergency?

A dental emergency is an oral health issue that requires immediate attention. Although a toothache is the most common type of dental emergency, you don’t have to feel any pain to need prompt care.

Types of Dental Emergencies

You need urgent dental care if you experience any of the events listed below:

  • Pain – A toothache or another type of oral pain
  • Fracture, break, or tear – A fracture or break in a tooth, or a cut or tear in oral tissue that is deep or causes uncontrolled bleeding
  • Aesthetic emergency – A chip or fracture in a front tooth
  • Trauma – Injury or impact to your mouth, tooth, or soft oral tissue, even if it isn’t painful
  • Crown that falls off – A lost crown may not be accompanied by pain, but it still needs to be replaced right away to prevent adjacent teeth from drifting into the space
  • Lost or broken restoration – A lost or broken filling can expose the tooth to rapid decay

How Is a Dental Emergency Treated?

Before treating the cause of your dental emergency, one of our dentists will stabilize your tooth or oral tissue, stop any bleeding, and relieve your pain. Afterward, we will further examine it and explain your treatment options. Chipped or fractured front teeth can be treated with dental bonding.


Toothaches are common, painful dental emergencies. Infection is usually the cause of it. We can get you out of pain quickly and schedule you to return for the root canal treatment, which we will make painless.

Root canal process:

  • Remove the infected tooth pulp (living tissue and nerves) deep into your tooth roots
  • Fill the space with a dental filler material
  • Protect your tooth with a temporary crown until a lab makes a permanent one

Fracture, break, or tear

We will determine the extent of the damage and recommend treatment. We will thoroughly numb the affected area to ensure your comfort.

  • Tooth – Root canal treatment is required for infection and sometimes for internal damage. Dental bonding or a crown can restore cracks or breaks in a tooth.
  • Soft tissue – Often, your body will mend the damage. If it is serious enough, stitching will be required.


After checking your mouth and teeth for internal and external damage, we will explain options based on the type of injury. If you have broken bones, our board-certified oral surgeon can provide expert treatment.

Loose, lost, or broken restoration

  • Filling – Replacing the filling prevents further pain, sensitivity, or decay.
  • Crown – A crown that has fallen off may just need to be recemented. Or a new crown may be needed.
  • Other restorations – A dental bridge, porcelain veneer, or denture can be repaired or replaced.

Thinking About Treating a Dental Emergency at Home?

Self-treatment is not a substitute for seeing a dentist right away. Although you can take some action to help stabilize the problem, seeing a dentist right away can prevent it from getting worse.

A few tips:

  • Cracked tooth: Rinse your mouth with warm water.
  • Cut gums, tongue, or cheek: Rinse your mouth with warm water and apply cold compresses to the cut.
  • Knocked-out tooth: Try to put the tooth back in the socket but come to our office as soon as possible—preferably within 30 minutes. Pick up the tooth by the crown, avoid touching it any further or trying to clean it, and put it in a moist paper towel or cloth.
  • Swelling: Apply cold compresses to the swollen area.

Afraid of the Dentist?

We won’t tease, scold, or embarrass you. We provide painless treatment, and we offer sedation to help you relax.

If you have a dental emergency, call Woolf Dental now.

“While having lunch I broke off a big piece of my front tooth. Within an hour of calling the office with my emergency, Dr. Rivera was patching me up. – Debi R.”