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Bakersfield Affordable Dental Implants

Affordable dental implants to anchor your dentures can make a world of difference. Your dentures will look and feel more like your own teeth. And their function will improve and free you from the complications of removable dentures.

Why Are Dental Implants Effective for Dentures?

Since they help anchor your denture to your jawbone, dental implants will increase their comfort and stability.

Complete removable denture

  • Suction keeps a traditional upper denture in place, and the lower denture rests on your gums.
  • During use, the denture can slip around, shift from side to side, or even fall out. Denture adhesive can help, but adhesives are messy and an imperfect solution.
  • When all your teeth are missing, your body resorbs the bone. As your jawbone shrinks, it will become even more challenging to keep a denture in, since there is little bone for it to rest on.
  • Resorption of your jawbone will shrink your face and make you look older.


  • Implant fixtures are artificial tooth roots—small titanium screws—that our oral surgeon places in the jawbone.
  • After your jawbone and the implant fuse, we attach your denture to the implants. This keeps your denture anchored in place and can make it feel like you have your own natural teeth back.
  • Like tooth roots, implants stimulate the jawbone and help prevent bone shrinkage and facial sagging.

An Affordable Alternative to Standard Dental Implants

Usually, we use four to eight standard implants to support a denture. But we offer an affordable alternative with two implants. Although your denture will be less stable than supporting it with four or more implants, it will not float, move from side to side, or loosen when you chew.

Snap-On Denture

Diagram of a snap-on denture - an affordable dental implant option
Snap-on dentures are affordable dental implants

What you can expect with a snap-on denture:

  • Two implants for support – If you choose a snap-on denture, our surgeon will place two high-quality dental implants with ball-shaped attachments.
  • Denture base with sockets – Sockets in the denture base snap onto the implant attachments to prevent twisting force on the implants.
  • Removable for cleaning – Each night, you will remove the denture to clean it and your gums.

What Can You Expect?

Although some dentists might skip steps to save money during implant placement, shortcuts can lead to complications or shorten the lifespan of your implants. We adhere to a process that gives you high-quality results.

  • We will thoroughly review your health history to ensure you are a candidate for dental implants.
  • Using a 3-D CT scan, we produce a model of your teeth and surrounding anatomy. Our surgeon will use it for implant planning and placement. Without a 3-D x-ray, accidents sometimes happen like impinging on a nerve or perforating the bone.
  • In three to four months, your implants and jawbone will fuse. You will wear a temporary denture during the healing period.
  • You will have regular checkup appointments to ensure your implants, gums, and jawbone are healthy.
  • After the healing period, one of our dentists will attach your final denture to the implants.

You will enjoy the benefits of affordable dental implants

  • Feel and look more like you have your natural teeth back
  • Function better than complete removable dentures
  • Make it easier to eat, speak, and socialize without dentures clicking, popping, or falling out

High-Quality Affordable Dental Implants

From planning to placement, we complete the entire dental implant process in our office. Our oral surgeon will place your implants with precision to avoid implant mistakes and the problems associated with them, including loose implants, pain, numbness, and tingling. And we use high-quality denture materials for a natural-looking smile. Read our dental implant page for details about our process.

If you are interested in stabilizing your dentures with affordable dental implants, call us to schedule a consultation or an exam, or request an appointment online.